21 March 2010

The many expressions of Alex

Already beginning at fake smiles for pictures
His slightly stoned-looking beginning of a picture smile
Alex, perfecting his organization skills. He does this with his trucks, too.

Shall We Dance? Or just hug me?

Priceless pics of Alex with Alisa...

Never to tire of posting pics of Alex...our little precious

Alex, sporting his new sweatshirt handmaid by Malvina, or as he says "Mameema"

Alex's girlfriend, Alisa, showing him how to ride his new tricycle.

"Soy combatiente, nadie me va a parar!" Alex is now 2yrs old!

Does anyone else see any resemblance? (Minus the tattoos, of course)

After watching Where the Wild Things Are, I now understand Alex even better. We love him so much!