05 January 2010

The Dude

I think Alex is destined to be a boxer, given how often he swings at us. (Each time bringing on a few seconds of 'time out') The repercussions are usually a little worse when he hits Inna...except when it's right before bedtime. (If he isn't going to box, he'll strategize professionally.) A few weeks ago, we'd be having family prayer and I'd hear a loud SMACK! And then Inna, even if she were praying at the time, exclaiming 'Oooooow.' That happened at least three times.

Now, though, Alex waits until we are changing him before bed, while putting on the diaper. Then he smacks us...but why put him in time-out when he's about to go to bed? Well, I think he knows when to do so because the worst he gets at those times is a 'serious serious' stare and a brief lecture about hitting.

Good news, though: Alex has decreased his violent episodes. Whew...

Alex's new word of the day

Alex now says 'beeza' for 'zebra'. (Zipper is said 'pisterrrrrrrr')