09 October 2009

Alex post-fit and post-timeout

Here is Alex FINALLY in his high chair, eating yams/sweet potatoes. He had just returned from a brief stint in his room and after littering flipping all over the place in protest when I tried putting him in his chair for dinner.

It took some silly dancing and strange facial expressions from his dad (me) to get him laughing. This little kid can throw fits, man!!

Alex...and dogs...anything dogs-related

I came home from work today and Inna pointed to the front room...and I saw this cute little scene. Alex was watching Lady and the Tramp. And he loves dogs. His little, soft stuffed dog. Real dogs (especially Einstein and Inna's friend's dog). He sees dogs and screams with delight 'Goggy!!!!' Oh this was so cute...

Sitting on his changing pad...???

Okay, Alex is a character. Every time Inna cooks, Alex runs free because his Mom is occupied. So Alex removes all of our pots and pans, tupperware, and other things. This day he also took out many of his toys, spread them all over the dining room/kitchen floor...and then took his changing pad off of his changing table/dresser and brought it into the kitchen next to Inna. Everywhere she went, he followed...with the changing pad.

Alex in one of his gifts...a Blue Pooh Bear???

Alex...homie style

Alex and the War with Yogurt

Isn't this precious? Alex and his favorite yogurt (our yogurt).

This is Alex at his most devilish...

Now he's looking more like his dad, with the devilish look and all...

Alex Van Gogh

If you can see this clearly...Alex has just finished drawing with his crayons (the non-toxic kind that he still chews despite disliking the taste). The little guy draws on his face more than the paper. But isn't that pretty normal? Who knows, maybe he and Vince will be the next artists in the family?