02 June 2009

To think, two years ago, we were anti-cell-phone...

...and now our little boy is learning how to use technology. He gets our old cellphones and says: "Dadadada..." and other things. It's adorable.

23 April 2009

Two milestones...Mike's graduation and Mike and Inna's four-year anniversary. If it doesn't seem like much of an accomplishment, that's because there is so much more. The better has yet to come!
April 15th...a little more than two months ago...during that freak snowstorm. As you can tell...our trees have never been the same. There used to be four in front...now there are three. The snow destroyed the trunk of one tree and broke off at least twenty thick limbs from the others. The tree closest to the driveway still looks like a mountain man's teeth...ragged and missing.