23 March 2009

Just for kicks...

We took this picture and I couldn't help remembering the previous picture...any similarities?

Alex...one year old!!

It's unbelievable, but Alex is officially 1 yr and 8 days old! We still can't believe how much our little dude has grown. Even more amazing is the fact that he started doing so many things on his birthday. One: squealing (not crying or yelling, but high pitched, ear-splitting squeals like a slaughtered pig!); two (and most important): walking. Alex had taken a few steps once or twice before his birthday, but he saved the grand finale for everyone on his birthday. Three: standing up by himself.

We saw the little guy following around his balloons, screaming in delight. He would charge (crawl) into the crowd of balloons and tackle as many as possible. It was adorable. And then the guests came...

He started slowly walking, four or five steps here, two or three there. Then he got brave and would walk across the room. His Nana brought punch balloons, and he got even crazier. It helped that his cousins, Josh and Vince, were playing with him.

I've seen Alex happy as can be, but something happened with him that day. The already sweet boy turned into a hoot. He walks all over the place. He still squeals. But most of the time, he is entertaining us and showing us why family is so precious. Inna and I want more now...

Oh yeah, one more thing: Thanks to everyone that came to his shindig and supported the little guy; you helped make it a special day for him. I can't wait to make a movie of the footage we have. What a cute little guy...

07 March 2009

Alex and Wal-Mart

Today, Alex and I visited the toy section of Wal-Mart just for the heck of it. I love watching Alex's eyes light up when he sees the various toys and all the different colors. When I take a toy off of the rack, he looks so curious and happy and won't let go of the item. It's especially cute when I am planning on getting him something...because then I'll ask him which one he wants and will then give him a choice. It's so much fun...

Anyway, after visiting the toy section, we got ready to check out. It was after the clerk started ringing us up that I noticed some extra items that I didn't place in the cart. I looked at Alex and said: 'I don't remember putting this in the cart.' It was a movie that something to do with brotherhood and wolves and looked pretty scary for Alex. The little dude had taken a few things from the shelves without me knowing. A toy and a movie that someone had left.

I laughed and told Alex, regarding the scary movie: 'In your dreams, buddy.'

Funny thing, he was wearing his Little Devil outfit that has the tail and horns. Quite fitting. And quite adorable.

02 March 2009

1st steps...

First...Yesterday, March 1, 2009, Alex took his first step by himself. It was only one small side step, but it was a step nonetheless. He has been able to walk around while holding onto things...just not the real deal. Last week, too, he really started standing by himself for several seconds...and now this.

Second, today, after I got home from school, Alex was in the bathroom with Inna, while she got ready for work, where he stood for about six to ten seconds, took one step to the side, and face-planted.

Third, right before FHE, Alex mysteriously removed his bottoms and crawled around THUMP THUMP THUMP in his shirt, onesie, and diaper. He stood up next to us while we were reading a conference talk and took two steps. TWO STEPS!!!! Had something not been in the way, he might have taken more. Yeeeah, boy!!!

Lastly, Alex nearly brings tears to our eyes with the adorable things he does. After we finished FHE, Alex started roaming around the kitchen, still pants-free, and then stood in the way of the open refrigerator door, spelunkinng for good eats. Then he focused on one particular thing and tried taking it out: his Dora/Diego the Explorer yogurt. The little dude recognizes one of his favorites quite easily. Anyway, he took one out of the fridge and stuck it to his mouth as Inna got him ready to eat his evening snack. Cute little kid. It was so adorable when we saw what he was playing with in the fridge, his snacks...so cute.