25 February 2009

My precious.....

First picture: Alex meandering around the couch during his dad's study time...with one of his toys in mouth.

Second picture: El Dude, playing around in his crib and playing hide-and-seek with his dad

21 February 2009

The byproducts of The Life

Studying does some crazy things...
Сходишь с ума от домашней работы...
...as does grading too much homework.
... или от проверки домашней работы. 

This 'hand sign' is one of the funniest things Armenia has ever contributed to the world...but it doesn't have a good translation into English (something like "Man, what are you talking about?")
Майкин любимый армянский жест. Объяснения здесь для папы с мамой не нужны. 

Almost four years...

Over four years ago, a rotten woman once told us that our marriage wouldn't last. This April 23rd will be our four year anniversary. Four years of bliss, even with all of the stress surrounding school and work. We're both tired together...but happy. As they say in Spanish: Feliz como una lombriz. This part of our life together is called 'HAPPY.'

Four years and counting...so, to that infamous woman: HOW 'BOUT THEM APPLES?

Alex, bouncing on his mom's head...

No comment necessary...

Alex loves pinching faces, which is what he's doing to his dad's face.
Сашке нравится щипать папино лицо. 

He also got to ride a horse for the first time...while his mom enouraged him along.
Здесь он в первый раз сел на лошадку. 

Female hygiene products...and Alex

So...I returned from school and saw this. Alex was in the bathroom with Inna while she was getting ready for work.
Однажды Майк вернулся с работы и увидел вот это. Инна готовилась идти на работу, а Сашка сидел на полу и игрался с подкладками. 

As you can tell, Alex is by no means female-hygiene-product averse. This'll serve him well in the future when his wife sends him to the store for tampons or pads. Until then...enjoy the innocence while it lasts.

Cute side note: If you look above Alex's left arm in the pic, you'll she a little sock. He takes his dirty socks (or mine...of all kinds...ugh!) and crawls around the house with a sock in each hands and one in his mouth. In the pic, he is probably sitting on two of them.
Обратите внимание на носок, который лежит неподалеку от Сашкиной левой руки. Он просто обожает носки: и грязные, и чистые. Хорошо, что чаще всего свои хватает, а не Майкины вонючие. Ему нравится ползать с носком в каждой рукой и с еще одним во рту. 

Oh, it was cute walking in on this.

Alex, getting into the pots and pans...

....and others. But he still can't get into the stereo. The person who invented duct tape should go deserve a special spot in heaven. Meanwhile, Alex loves hanging around the stereo when we play music. He is especially fond of John Legend's "Green Light."
Сашка лезет во все шкафы и достает кастрюли. Хорошо, что в магнитофон пока залезть не может. Ему очень нравится стоять у магнитофона и смотреть на него, когда играет музыка. 

A new idea...Quote of the day

"Capitalism is crack (the illegal substance). Once you get a taste, you can't get enough." One of my political science professors in discussing the addictive and attractive nature of market economics.


Given the international nature of this blog (ooooooh oooooh, sounds so 'impressive'), we have decided to post our pics and stories in two languages for access in English and Russian. If you have a problem with that...too bad, it's the 21st century and we should have already moved beyond that.
Мы с Майком решили, что будем здесь писать и по-английски, и по-русски. Значит, мне придется все это переводить. Да уж! Ну ничего, для мамы с папой ничего не жалко. 

11 February 2009

Alex...the sandwich bandido

Alex has now become a professional escape artist-bandido. Today, while I was doing my homework, Alex was crawling around the house, taking out dishes, spreading out his toys, eating my slippers, etc...just being his regular cute self. But then...all got quiet. I heard the characteristic 'Yum' sound of eating something. I put on my glasses and saw what the dude was up to:

He was eating a slice of bread...part of my sandwich that I had forgotten about. It was resting on the table, meat, gouta cheese, and all. Alex was chowing down on a slice, making his 'yum' sounds. Apparently, I made it even better for him by adding mayonnaise. I got up, laughing, and Alex saw me, then took off on all fours. He returned with the piece of bread sticking out of his mouth...

Also, he has learned how to escape when he thinks he'll get in trouble. We try to keep him out of the cupboards, especially the one under the sink and the one with the glassware. He knows he isn't allowed in those...but the others are okay as long as he doesn't pull out the stuff (and you know how impossible that is...oh well.) So today, I would hear him playing around in one cupboard, and then I'd walk into the kitchen to check on him. He'd hear me and then take off out of the room. I laughed my head off...cute little guy.

So...now he's a professional bandido...and good at it.
Интересная история, которая произошла с Майком и Сашкой. Майк сделал себе бутерброд и оставил его на столе. Сашка игрался на кухне. Вдруг Майк заметил, что Сашки не слышно, то есть слышно только причмокивание. Встал, пошел на кухню и увидел, что Сашка стащил один из ломтей хлеба, сидит и наслаждается хлебом, смазанным майонезом. Когда Майк стал двигаться в направлении Сашки, Сашка быстро убежал от него на четвереньках и с куском хлеба во рту.