26 January 2009

Humbling story of the week...for now

Sundays used to be my favorite day (same as Inna, I think). With Alex, though, Sundays are nearly always a test, a trial, a tribulation...etc etc etc. Alex's sleep patterns get disturbed right off and he never really recovers for the entire day. As a result, he whines for the entire day. No cries, no screams...just whines. As any parents will know, the whines wear and wear away at patience, which exhausts you.

Today was like that. Even worse, add my impatient nature to the equation and you get disaster. Well, I lectured Alex quite a bit today (sorry, I know it's not the nicest thing, but I'm still learning.) He doesn't like getting lectured...at all. So, the poor little guy spent most of the night knowing that his father, at least, was quite annoyed by him. So, he wasn't happy (and he had only napped once).

Before I went to bed (in preparation for Macey's graveyards...), I couldn't stay upset nor could I stand having Alex think I'm mad at him. The little guy was preparing to go to bed, so I kissed him and said, "Alex, I love you." His cute, chunky little face beamed, and he smiled. Oh, it nearly brought me to tears (and I felt the swift heavenly rebuke for losing my patience.)

Our children teach us a great deal and let us know when and what we need to change. I've vowed to work on my impatience...right now. Inna agrees. And so do I. Either way...Alex is still a huge blessing and brings such joy to our lives. One little crawl, one smile, one giggle at a time.

22 January 2009

On another somewhat nerdy note...

Though few of you will care...

I'd thought the country, indeed the whole world, suffered a great injustice when The Dark Knight was denied an Oscar nomination for Best Picture or Best Director...especially since it is the second highest grossing movie of all time, biggest blockbuster of 2008, etc...practically an example of motion picture perfection...

So, just to remind you all (or make you cringe...here is my ode to a great movie). Since I'm posting this message...I accept full responsibility for the nerdiness that it is. What can I say?

...Oh yeah, and just to let you know, the news lies; Heath Ledger made at least two more films after this movie, so portraying the Joker did not cause his death...

Another funny story of the week...

Igor and Malvina (Alex's aunt and uncle) visited last night, ready to play with the little squirmy ball of joy. Alex proceeded to climb all over Igor, up and down, entertaining all of us. He had taken off his pants while playing in his crib...so Igor was holding Alex, who enjoyed the freedom of only diaper, onesie, and shirt.

All of a sudden, Igor started yelling, while smelling his finger: 'Awwwww, kokoshka (mispelled, I know...but Russian for 'crap')! Oooo!'

Yep, Igor had Alex feces on his finger. Somehow, while holding El Dude, Igor's finger went partially inside Alex's diaper and into a fresh, soft and warm substance. Alex merely laughed as usual...and so did the rest of us. Who would have thought?

19 January 2009

Funny story of the week...

So, Alex is always entertaining people at church, whether it be stealing his dad's glasses (from my face, man...), looking down his mom's shirt (he has stopped that, thankfully), or loudly filling his diaper in Relief Society. Lately, he has enjoyed stealing binkies and toys from other kids. However, his ultimate, for now, has been diaper filling in front of the microphone at church.

So, Mike was talking in the microphone (testimony, I think...all serious and then this...) and right before finishing, Alex began to grunt "Ungh ungh!!!" Several times. Then the little guy's face turned red like a tomato at the last grunt..."Uuuuuunnnnnnngh!"

His Mom and Dad's faces also turned (or at least felt) red. Funny thing, though, only the couples with children laughed, especially the bishop. I think the newer couples didn't know what Alex was doing. To top it off, though, we thought Alex had filled his diaper with (sorry) logs...but he only left a nugget. All that work...and only a nugget.

17 January 2009

Latest update...from Los Tremendos

So with the struggling economy...time to perk up a little with more pictures of Alex and Inna. Well, it makes Mike happy...courtesy of new T-Mobile phones. Yeah, we're a little behind in phone technology, but we finally purchased phones with little cameras. Whew...I'm still catching my breath after that, too.

No one loves restraint...especially Alex, waiting for his mommy, who is waiting for BYU's broken copy machines...

...and then she wooed her husband and son with this supermodel capture. Rrrarr!

Just one more reminder of one of the many reasons why families are and should be forever. Such innocence.

11 January 2009

The most powerful painting ever painted

A painting from Adam Abram that was too expensive to purchase. I would've grabbed a copy if I'd had a few hundred dollars to spare. Both Inna and I teared up when we saw this. No other painting has ever had such an effect on me. How blessed we all are for the Atonement.

Holy bikini, Batman, it's 2009!

The first week of a new semester finished with a great deal of anticipation.

Inna survived her first week teaching Armenian 330. She has a few more months on her ELC contract with BYU, too.

Mike survived the same week and enjoyed the cream of the crop with BYU Faculty parking after getting to campus each day at 7:45am. He has one more semester left. Yes, miracles do happen.

Alex adjusted fairly well to the next schedule but hates his dad ignoring him over homework. Melissa and Ronnie continually bless us...and the rocking chair placed next to El Dude's crib gives Mike the chance to study while Alex plays in the crib. Thankfully, that only happens when Alex is especially precocious. At other times, he removes papers, textbooks, and laptop computers from the laps of any unaware parent sitting on the couch. Also, he enjoys chasing his dad's recently operated ingrown toe...and mysteriously ignores the healthy one.

Last semester, Alex fell in love with the recipe magnets on the refrigerator. One can tell where El Dude has been by following the dismembered magnets like evidence at a crime scene. Much like Kajin and his bones and toys, toys and magnet carcasses litter the kitchen floor.

Alex has also taken to biting his mother's face. While wrestling with his parents each Saturday morning, he always ends up biting Inna's cheek or neck...and avoids his father's skin. Maybe natural grease doesn't appeal to little dudes like Alex. The only time he bites Mike is during the sacrament prayer while folding his arms, involuntarily.

Needless to say, Inna and Mike are doing well, even while anticipating these next four months. But life is still one amazing blessing. Alex is a character who continually brings smiles and laughter, all while flirting with married women both old and young. He is growing like a weed. He eats regular food more and more. He sleeps throughout the night more often and awakens with a huge, seven-tooth smile. To quote Will Smith is The Pursuit of Happyness: This part of [our lives] is called 'HAPPY.'