30 December 2008

Here we go again...

Hello everyone (familia and friends):

Alex is now learning to obey us...sort of. Inna has now taught all of us one easy and useful phrase in Russian: Not allowed (don't ask me to spell it). Alex loves to push the buttons again and again but then finally backs off. All he does is stare at either one of his parents as he proceeds to touch tree ornaments, electronic devices, his dad's ingrown big toe (which hurts like crazy...) all with his characteristic angelic grin, seven teeth, and curious look. He has also learned how to look down his mom's shirt (which we hope he doesn't do in public...cross our fingers).

The rest of Mike's family had a chance to see the new Alex, El Dude. He laughed, kicked in mid air, and screamed happily while surrounded by wrapping paper. His aunts, uncles, and grandparents spoiled him like only they can do. He also thinks his cousins Josh and Vince are cool.

Yes, he is growing like a dandelion but without the shedding bits of pollen (or whatver that stuff is). And he's still cuter than a bug's ear.

22 December 2008

Alex and Christmas

Whining after being told to leave the gifts and ornaments alone...cute little diablito.

Christmas update for anyone that checks this...

The Dodges (Alex, Inna, and Mike) are doing well. It is snowing like dandruff from a high school computer geek. We are relaxing as far as Alex permits. He keeps us laughing with his little antics. He is a true gusanito/chervyak/worm. He is an angel from heaven.

Inna survived indentured service at BYU's ELC and is currently preparing an Armenian 330 Advanced Course at BYU (and only getting paid a slave's wage). Nevertheless, her employment is a tremendous blessing...even though you can see the shackles' scars on her wrists and ankles...still...

Mike survived a brutal semester and is still waiting for his Ethnic Conflict and Jurisprudence grades. He has one semester left before graduation! Miracles happen. He still works at Macey's and enjoys facing as much as anyone can, listening to conspiracy theories from his Muslim co-worker.

We are alive, happy, and ready for the new year. Despite all of the challenges, the Lord has been very merciful with us. We couldn't ask for more. So...have a wonderful, merry Christmas.

The Dodges

P.S. Alex now crawls but still prefers the upper body workout of thump-dragging. He now says Mumumumum and Da da da A LOT...in between his giggles and cries. Cute kid...

Alex 'Don King' Dodge


Los tres payasos

What can we say? We shouldn't be so darn happy to see gas under $2.00...but heck, we are.
Yo, what's up?
Doesn't he look like a joker?
Now that's what you call a bowl of cereal...

Alex, pre-Sacrament Meeting

El Guapo y su Mama Bonita...

Double trouble...

The perp...


Ah ha! Caught!

Just look at those cheeks!!!

Just adorable...

Alex...post-Church...and still chillin'

02 December 2008

Even more pics

First foods...squash...mixed with his favorite: rice cereal.
Once again...his favorite thing, blowing...and looking cute.

Some more pics...

Sleeping...with the King all to himself...chillin' like a villain
NO WAY!!!!
snore snore snore...the diablito sleeps
In his favorite toy, the ExerSaucer, doing his favorite thing, standing and smiling!