25 November 2010

And now for the main event...

Alex loves jamming to this song. You should see his serious expression when he's really gettin' down to the beat!

Alex at the Improv

This was the pre-church activity last week.

13 November 2010

...или так

Очки мы надеваем, чтобы видеть цветные сны.

Спим вот так...

А вот так мы спим: со всеми нашими игрушками и любимыми книжками.

Наш улыбчивый мальчуган

Моя семья

Эту картинку Сашка нарисовал в садике. Я не сразу врубилась, что же на ней нарисовано. Оказалось, что там три человека: папа, мама и Сашенька.


Сашке стало холодно, и Майк его укутал вот таким образом.

Сашка с Алисой

Сашка играет с Алисой у нас во дворе.

Halloween 2010

В этом году у Сашки было два костюма, но именно в этом костюме ниндзи мы пошли на вечеринку.

Чистим зубы

Сашка любит помогать нам чистить наши зубы.


Так Сашка у нас прячется. Он думает, что если мы не видим его лица, это означает, что его всего не видно.

Сашка поет песню "Облака, белогривые лошадки"

Это видео сделано специально для мамы с папой, т.е. бабули и дудули, как говорит сам Сашка.

22 July 2010

New updates...

Quite a bit has happened since we last posted anything. And rest assured, everyone, we'll post more pictures of Alex and Co:

Inna and Alex are now in Armenia, spending time with Inna's parents for the next month. First time Inna has seen her dad in more than six years. Her Mom was here for Alex's first three months of life.

Alex is keeping his other grandparents busy, has already broken the toys given him, and doesn't let Inna sleep a full night. He's still the adorable, rambunctious two-year old.

Mike started his new job with DeVry University last week, doing training in Denver, Chicago next week...and then Denver again. So much to learn in so little time. Better pay. Better health insurance. Better work conditions. Better hours. And more time with Inna and Alex!

So much has changed...but life is beautiful!

04 June 2010

"Take me out to the BALLGAME!"

There is an ongoing battle between soccer and baseball in this family. Alex is learning both now. YES!!! (Eat that, Igor!)

We bought Alex his first baseball, bat, and stand today! I admit it, I thought of how much his uncle Igor hates baseball (all the way from the car to the sports section and through the checkout). It's a beautiful thing.

Alex had so much fun hitting the ball. He has quite the swing, too. So even though soccer is a great sport and quite fun to watch, baseball reigns supreme as the celestial sport! Alex will definitely learn why that's true! Yeeah!

22 May 2010

Alex put Inna's giant 'goggy' in timeout...and included an FMC Corporation hat with it. Сашка наказал свою собаку, посадил ее и не разрешает вставать.

We just love this kid!

Alex flaunting his new artwork Сашка показывает свое искусство: сердечко для мамы и божью коровку.

His heart for Mother's Day.

This used to be a ladybug.

Alex keeps on calling these formations 'Dinosaurs' Сашка назвал эти горы динозавриками.

Alex is pushing Inna's head out of the way...
Inna saved my life by carrying Alex the last part of the hike from Delicate Arch. I refused her help for most of the trip up the steep incline...but then I finally realized that I might pass out. (That's how out of shape I am)

Moving a little rock... Пытаемся сдвинуть с места "маленький" камень.

At the arches...

At Delicate Arch

Doesn't this look like a picture in a CD insert?
The first day...

The Hat Thief...near one of the arches

In Moab for a much needed weekend vacation

The many faces of Alexander Daniel Dodge

Oh, he looks so naughty here...much like his dad, right?

Near South Fork Park in Provo Canyon

The Dodge family

Remind you of any famous picture?

Alex at Thanksgiving Point


Celebrating after counting to ten


Moving away from Inna's concentration and her attempt to wipe his runny nose.